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Some of the steps required for repairing a computer
that has a serious virus infection or a corrupted operating system
(such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10) might include:
· Assessment to determine the extent of damage... a seriously
damaged computer operating may require a rebuild.
· Removal of hard drive for testing and scanning (this is usually
done over-night).
· Repairing the operating system by a variety of means (too
much to go into in one paragraph) - might take a days worth of time.
· Un-installing "bloat-ware" and applications which are memory
"hogs" (sometimes requires research)
· Patch Management to bring the operating system up-to-date
(for protection from viruses... Malware)
· Testing the computer to ensure an acceptable USER EXPERIENCE
(after all... it's all about you).
Standing behind our work... to keep you, our customer,
HAPPY - PRODUCTIVE... an essential state-of-mind.
Every-Now-and-Again, one of our Tech Shop
Customers will ask us how much time we spend repairing a computer.
That is an interesting question, because it demonstrates that people don't
have a good feel for all that goes into a proper repair.
The answer is... a lot of time, even though, in most cases, we only charge
$ 69.90 to bring a computer back to life again.
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