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Good Reasons for choosing the Tech Shop
Some history and points to consider:
1. Convenience: We are focused on the Berne, Indiana area in the northeast part of this beautiful state, so we are close-by and only a short drive brings you to our shop.
3. Very Competitive: We maintain a low-overhead, home-based business, so that our rates are low (very competitive).

2. Experience: We have been in the computer business since 1985. At that time, we purchased our first computer, a Digital Equipment Corporation Rainbow PC, for which we built and sold replacement parts nationally. Very soon we began servicing (what were known as) IBM compatible PCs, so our business has grown-up with the personal computer. For an extended period we built and sold PCs using only Intel motherboards and processors. As members of the Intel Technology Providers Program, our business maintains active interest in Intel Technology. We are a Microsoft ONLY business, servicing all of the Windows operating systems, as a registered Microsoft Partner. Finally... it should be noted that in the business of servicing computers... EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING.
4. Commitment to High Ethical Standards: We still do everything in our power to resolve your computer problems in the most economical way possible, and we want to be your trusted advisors when it's time to upgrade to new technology.
5070 W. 700 S.
(260) 760-6356
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